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"No excuses, make it happen."

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About Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen Hills Pruden

Dr. Karen Hills Pruden

The potency of ‘first love’ has sidelined millions of adolescents from reaching their destiny. A teenage Karen overdosed on this euphoric emotion. She benched her college ambitions to marry her high school sweetheart. By the time her third child was born, the euphoria had dissipated. The marriage was over.

 Dr. Karen Hills Pruden has lived the blueprint that ‘dreams deferred, are not dreams denied’ when you put in the work. Her evolution from teenage bride to six-figure earning C-Suite Executive and Award-Winning International Speaker are the receipts that a comeback is possible from any detour. Dr. Pruden blends her HBCU education with her Yale University training to inspire all under her voice. Her awards and nominations include ACHI Magazine Woman of Inspiration, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Leader Award, ACHI Magazine Women of Excellence Award, SpeakerCon Motivational Speaker of the Year, and ACHI Magazine Author of the Year Award.

Dr. Pruden is a Career Elevation Expert for female middle managers who aspire to senior leadership positions. Determined to breathe life into the career goals of millions of female professionals, Dr. Pruden is committed to gently push these women to recognize that if you are breathing, you are poised for a comeback. Her thunderous call to action, “No Excuses, Make It Happen” has been heard vibrating off drywall as far as Pretoria, South Africa.

She is a multi-faceted career professional who works as a Chief Human Resource Officer/Assistant Vice President and as the CEO/Founder of Pruden Global Business Solutions Consulting.  She is a tireless community leader who champions issues that impact the disenfranchised. She holds a professional doctorate in Management with emphasis in Organizational Leadership, a master’s degree in Urban Affairs, and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She holds countless certifications.